“You are not a drop in the ocean but the entire ocean in a drop”  Rumi

Welcome to Soul Springs!

Soul Springs was born out of a passion and desire to assist others in utilizing the wisdom of their mind, body and soul to heal and transform.

The Mission of Soul Springs is to….

Assist you in the release of underlying issues that may be preventing you from living your life to its fullest;

Facilitate a soul level understanding of yourself and the possibilities in your life,

Support and guide you on your path of awakening, and

To help you see the Light within……and fall in love with yourself

Soul Springs is based in the Chester, NJ area, however, phone and Skype sessions are also available for Akashic sessions for domestic and international clients. My classes and workshops are taught locally and in locations throughout the US…wherever I’m welcome. If you’d like to sponsor a class in your area, please contact me.


With Love and Light,


Lori Chrepta

Soul Springs



“Transformation can’t stop with the body, however; it must involve the soul. The soul–seemingly invisible, aloof, and apart from the material world–actually creates the body. Only by going to the level of the soul will you access your full potential, bringing more intelligence, creativity, and awareness into every aspect of your life.” Deepak Chopra